Behind the Scenes


"Transparency and sustainability is the beginning of a new more aware and responsible consumption culture. We believe today’s fashion is about clothing and accessories that continues to be relevant and to be worn for years." 

Anna Kraft, Designer & Founder of STORKWERK 


Why did we design the Little Globetrotter? 

As with most of our products, the Little Globetrotter has evolved out of our parenting experience. As first time mothers we quickly realized that many of the available accessories were inadequately suited to our needs combining work and home life. We set about designing and creating alternative, mobile and flexible products and accessories for new parents, that as well as aesthetically pleasing to look at could function in any environment.

Ways to save valuable time on daily parenting tasks was one of our aims. Managing the whole cycle of feeding can end up with wasted time; cleaning up food that drops on the floor, cleaning clothes when food escapes the protection of the bib, washing the bib (often done by hand, with mixed results). We found existing products failing in one way or another – too hard to clean, not protecting clothes, awkward to store or pack for a day out. By flipping these inherent flaws on their head with simple design changes the Little Globetrotter is a very efficient and multi-functional bib with a stylish and contemporary design suitable to use at home or on the go.

This practical and stylish eating bib, is the first product that we have launched and recently got good support and funding for via our Kickstarter campaign.

What is it like to design and produce a product?
Join us on our journey together with the Little Globetrotter to find out.
Designed and Prototyped in Berlin
Tested and Iterated with Parents, Babies and Toddlers
Germany, Japan, Sweden and the UK.
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Cordura® Fabric
Bias Tapes
Germany and France
Press-studs from Prym
Handmade in Szczecin
Szczecin, Poland


STORKWERK is about understanding the person who will wear and use the product, the quality of materials, fashionable technology and construction, and the ability to withstand the test of time. The best results are reached through thorough user research, co-designing, concepting, prototyping, testing and iterating the design.
The Little Globetrotter has evolved out of many iterations. The main improvement points from the first design prototype to today's finished product are that the current shape is longer, it fits both babies and toddlers better ergonomically and comes equipped with a hanger.


STORKWERK care about the user and the use of the product, but equally important are the materials chosen, the design process and the craftsmanship involved in the production and finish. Fine materials and careful attention to detail make our products desirable on weekdays, weekends or one-off occasions. Simply something to be proud of.
Each Little Globetrotter is unique and handmade by seamstresses working together in a Polish family owned sewing studio outside of Szczecin.



Made from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified CORDURA® fabric, the choice of the most respected brands and retailers around the world to use when needing to make a product that’s durable, versatile and reliable. Constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies, weight for weight, CORDURA® fabrics are exceptionally robust.

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